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Get your outdoor audio and lighting systems restored as soon as possible by handing it off to Southern Lights of NC.

We can safety and quickly return your system to the pristine and new condition it was mean to be in.

With our expertise and dedication, you'll be up and running again in no time. Say goodbye to the frustrations of malfunctioning equipment by requesting a repair service today! 

everything you get in our repair service...

  • ​Check connections​
  • ​Check operation of: photocells, timers, remotes, relays, etc.​
  • ​Prune shrubs that have covered light fixtures obstructing light output​
  • ​Remove mulch and debris that might be covering lights​
  • ​Check gaskets for wear or compression​
  • ​Clean glass housing and fixture body​
  • ​Straighten any leaning fixtures​
  • ​Re-aim fixture to account for plant growth​
  • ​Check tree hardware and re-adjust for tree growth as needed​
  • ​Take amp readings at transformer on secondary and primary​
  • ​Take volt readings at transformer on secondary and primary​
  • ​Check transformer terminal lugs and cables for tightness​
  • ​Re-lamp where needed using di-electric compound (cost of bulb not included)​
  • ​Update maintenance log with any new information​
  • ​Refer a friend that signs up for new installation & get $100 Amazon Gift Card


Covers 1st 1/2 Hour of Service Call & Diagnostics

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Preserving Performance

Expert installation and ongoing maintenance are vital for an exceptional landscape lighting system. Proper maintenance prevents costly repairs and maintains optimal performance.
Regular maintenance enables adjustments as your landscape evolves, ensuring your lighting system remains in top condition. 

SAVE Money & Hire the Triad's #1 Lighting Expert!

  • Dedicated Service Department: We have fully stocked vans to perform repairs onsite without having to order parts and return later, keeping your cost lower.
  • Experience: Our average service tech has been with our company for 15+ years, providing you with a team that can quickly diagnose and repair your system leading to lower repair costs.
  • Customer Focus: Our owner has a real passion for lighting and actually cares if your system is down. He believes that everyone should experience great lighting and truly wants to help get you up and running again fast!
  • Ongoing maintenance: Once the system is back up and running, routine maintenance will help to ensure optimal performance and prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Avoid Pitfalls

Prioritize a seamless experience with guaranteed quality and avoid the frustrations of pieced together systems that don't work. Choose a company that prioritizes quality components, reliable connections, and expert installation for optimal performance and uninterrupted enjoyment of your outdoor lighting & sound.

Choose a reliable and professional company to eliminate disruptions caused by cheap equipment and bad connections, ensuring your system operates at its best.

  • ​Prioritize seamless experience: Ensure a seamless experience with guaranteed quality.
  • Avoid pieced together systems: Don't settle for systems that don't work and lead to frustration.
  • Optimal performance: Reject options without guarantees or subpar fixtures to achieve optimal performance.
  • Quality components and reliable connections: Choose a setup with quality components and reliable connections for a reliable experience.
  • Expert installation: Select a setup with expert installation to eliminate potential issues.
  • Enhance your lighting and audio experience: Embrace the opportunity to enhance your audio and lighting experience without interruptions.
  • Disruption-free enjoyment: Avoid disruptions caused by cheap equipment and bad connections.

southern lights of NC

(Certified professionals with Nearly 30 years of experience)

  • Professionally Repaired "THE RIGHT WAY"
  • Warranties & Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • ​Nearly 30 Years of Knowledge & Experience
  • ​Dedicated to Understanding YOUR Unique Needs
  • ​Quality Equipment
  • ​Bulletproof / Waterproof Connections (guaranteed for 10 years)


(Landscapers, Inexperienced Installers, DIY Homeowners)

  • ​Pieced together systems that will fail again
  • NO Guarantees
  • Lack of Experience Leading to ​Higher Prices & Potential Fire Hazards
  • ​Lighting is "Just an Add-On" Service
  • Subpar Fixtures, Transformers, & Wiring
  • Cheap Equipment
  • ​Bad Connections 

unmatched Satisfaction

Enroll in Southern Lights' maintenance program to ensure flawless operation, impeccable appearance, and protection against costly and hazardous situations. We'll assess your system, provide personalized recommendations, and execute necessary repairs or upgrades for optimal performance and safety.

Don't let unresolved issues compromise your lighting and audio experience. Count on Southern Lights for reliable solutions and enjoy uninterrupted enjoyment of your lighting and audio systems.

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